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Monday, May 19, 2008

Something is hiding in the garden ....

Little bunny is in the garden and she is so scared that she is hiding her eyes.
"Why are you scared little bunny?"
"There is something big and scary hiding in the bushes. I think it wants to eat me."
Can you spot the scary monster too?
Look again - the monster doesn't look very scary - he looks quite friendly.
"I'm not a monster ... I'm a Brontosaurus. I'm a herbivore so I don't eat bunnies - I only eat plants."
Phew! What a friendly dinosaur! What wonderful fluffy crests the brontosaurus has along his back ... and who knew dinosaurs were so cuddly! I think we in the Rachael Rabbit workshop will enjoy having a dinosaur of our very own that lives in the garden.


  1. such a darling dino! love the garden photos : )

  2. You have outdone yourself, your dinosaur is amazing. I really love his friendly face and his pink belly, great job!

  3. Your Brontosaurus has such a friendly face and cuddly proportions!

  4. I love your brontosaurus. I am happy I stumbled across your site via frazzy dazzles -it has made my day!

  5. What a lovely squidgy brontosaurus. How nice for the rabbits to have a new friend .
    X Clare

  6. Hurrah a dinosaur to rival Barney. Yours is way cuter.

  7. brilliant dinosaur and way too cuddly and cute to be scary!I adore his big feet!

  8. What a gorgeous dinosaur! And that pink belly- before hiding from the rabbit, he was definitely sleeping in the sun! Rachael - do you knit your soft toys or use a knitted fabric? They are so beautiful and cuddly looking.

  9. Rachael, do you write children's books? Your material would be perfect, for young and old. I enjoyed your little story and pictures. x

  10. I love brontosaurus - I wouldn't mind one of those living in my garden either! He's lovely


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