Sunday, May 25, 2008

Frustrating Fluffy Fur

I have a long list of things I want to make ... endless in fact. But this week has been super frustrating for two reasons 1) I haven't seemed to have 'done' as much as I wanted and 2) Fun Fur yarn. It all seemed like such a good idea to knit a fluffy bunny - it was going to be fluffy, cute and wonderful.

But something went horribly wrong ... Fun Fur is easy to knit with - but once you have knitted - you can't see anything - and I mean anything - the fur is rather furry (erm .. perhaps I hadn't appreciated the 'fur' part in the label) and you can't count your stitches - see your seams - its just a mass of fur.
So I have no idea if one leg is longer than the other or if one arm should have been sewn higher or lower - and the nose - I can't find the little nose stitches anywhere!! I could only guess. I crocheted the soles of the feet from my favorite Debbie Bliss yarn (which I decided late last summer was just too expensive to use for bunny making - but it is SO soft and yummy.)
I tried to sew a face - but that was impossible due to the fur - then I tried to give a little 'hair cut' around the face - but the result was so terrifying I'm embarrassed and ashamed to share the face with you. It didn't help that I ran out of the fun fur for the last ear - so far he only has one .....

Regardless of all this flying fuzz - I feel there is potential in the little fur ball (below is his fluffy side profile) ... but maybe he wasn't meant to be a bunny? Perhaps he is a bear? or a doggie? or a tiger? or just a good old fashioned yeti?


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I knit 2 bears in a very fluffy wool and trying to see seams etc is a nightmare. I won't cheat with the sunflowers
    Lisa x

  2. LOL! This is probably how the wombles got invented, and look how popular they became!

    (I have a green felted blob at the bottom of my woolsack, and I don't know what that is either...)

  3. I love your furry rabbit! That yarn adds some nice texture. His little feet with his crochet soles are especially endearing. Hope you figure out how to add some facial details - otherwise you could knit him a balaclava and some snow shoes!

  4. oh Rachael I FEEL your frustration! I'm impressed you perservered and I know I would definitely have trimmed the face as well - I agree with the former comment - I can see a womble! But his feet are gorgeous! You are a very talented knitter!

  5. You made me giggle! I know what you mean about the furry yarn, been there done that!
    If you happen to drop a stitch you might as well forget it, finding a needle in a haystack would be easier.
    As an after thought you could turn him into a Yeti!

  6. Oh fun fur...always better in theory than in practice. If it isn't a rabbit, then I'd vote Abominable Snowman/creature.

  7. Whatever he is, he is definitely soft and cuddly! x

  8. I'm sure that in some part of the world little children are crying out for their very own yeti. here is a unique marketing opportunity.


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