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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tutorial: No Sew Hanging Tent for $20

We took our basic $20 hanging tent (tutorial below) and jazzed it up into a Frozen Hanging Tent with another whopping $6!

 What you will need
- 1 hula hoop (mine is 65")  - purchased from the Dollar Tree $1
- 3 packets of Ikea Lill curtains - $12
- Ribbon (not too thin) - two lengths of around 54" - mine are from my recycled ribbon bucket - but lets assume you can find something at the dollar store or JoAnn's bargain bucket $1
- 1 yard of fabric - $6
TOTAL = $20
(In this price I am assuming you have a small amount of some sort of glue in the house at hand.)

Variations on a theme ....  
Any curtain panels with a rod pocket can be used for this project. I really wanted to use some pink & purple sparkly sheer panels I had spied on JCPenny.com. But the budget won out. I think there could be a million ways you could take this tent with different fabrics and different panels. We also used one of our play silks we had dyed with red cabbage and baking soda as the canopy fabric. It was the perfect icy color our tent needed.

1) Fold your two ribbon lengths in half and make a knotted loop in the middle. (I knotted my lengths at 5" from the middle which yeilded an approx 3" loop.) Knot both lengths and put them aside.  NOTE: I used two 54" lengths but if your hula hoop is wider you will probably want to use a longer length. 

2) Open your hula hoop at the join and thread on all your curtains - secure the hula hoop back together again once you have the panels on the hoop.

3) Tie the lengths on ribbon onto the hula hoop. Make sure all the lengths of ribbon are equal in length. You can tie between panels or thread the ribbon through the curtains. Totally up to you - I did both. 

4) Turn your yard of fabric into a square (36"x36") and make a small hole in the center. Thread the knotted ends of ribbon through the center of the fabric. NOTE if your hoola hoop is bigger than mine you might need to use a bigger piece of fabric. 

5) Use dots of glue (glue dots, fabric, glue gun, super glue etc) to secure the canopy to the top of the curtains/hula hoop - creating any folds/draping etc as you go if you wish.

6) Ways to embellish your tent:
 - Glue lengths of ribbon to the outside of the curtains. I used 4 packets of 50 cent ribbon from JoAnn's - ($2) & some blue recycled ribbon from my stash.

 - Add flowers, butterflies, snowflakes etc to 'theme' your tent. I used 4 packets of plastic snowflakes from the Dollar Tree ($4) to make a 'Frozen tent'.

- Fairy or other novelty lights - I used some from our Christmas tree box.

We had a full on Frozen reenactment. In case you wondered how Anna really found Elsa's castle - she came on a pink scooter ....

Let it go, let it go .....

Snow is falling everywhere ....

Stay away Anna .....

Sisterly love can conquer anything ..... after all we all like warm hugs!

And when the daylight fades - the warm hugs continue.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scottish Flag Quilt

This quilt was a commissioned by someone who had seen my Union Jack Flag quilt. She wanted to give the Scottish flag to her husband for his 44th Birthday.

In terms of complexity (and perhaps execution) this is probably some of the best quilting I have done to date.

Feathers flow along the white stripes. 

The paisley scroll along the inside edge was much easier to execute than it looks.

I hope that you see that the design is thistles growing out of hearts.

And some tartan for the back? 

While all my quilting is was done free hand - I should say that I did get some inspiration for this quilt from some pictures I saw on the internet. The thistle idea I saw for sale as a digitized pattern by Linda Steele- mine is not the same but you can see where I got the idea from! And the paisley scroll idea comes from another digitized pattern from EmbroideryOnline. I used my all time favorite combination of Quilters Dream 100% and Hobbs Heirloom 100% Wool batting - the loft of these two together is dreamy. I tried out Glide thread on this project (Super White & Electric) - I have yet to be 100% sold on the thread - but I have nothing bad to say about the thread at all.

I just wish that I had finished and been able to post this quilt during the poll for Scottish independence!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Two Metallic Threads for Quilting that won't break

I have wanted to quilt with metallic thread for ages - but I've been scared of the potential disaster that could ensue with constantly breaking thread or large rats nests at the back or various other possibilities.

Recently I have discovered two brands of metallic threads that are extremely strong and will not let you down while you quilt.


(I admit that this whole thread choosing business has enabled me to create a new obsession of collecting dreamy thread charts - but the thread charts do enable me to choose/match thread colors very easily and quickly.)

This quilt top was made by Earamichia. I quilted the brown portion of the quilt with Glisten in Tudor Gold. The Glisten thread brings the most gorgeous shimmer to the quilt top - not too much bling though - the golden shimmer is only apparent quite close up. (In the bobbin I used Bottom Line in Ivory.)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Ode to Foot Quilt

This is another top made by Earamichia. The top was made as she was recouping from breaking her foot after running a half marathon! Respect enough for the running - but also for a lovely top.

The top is quilted in So Fine #50 in #504 Silver Screen the bobbin was Bottom Line in Silver. (Batting is my favorite Hobbs Heirloom Wool batting.) Quilting the whole top in grey was a big move for me - usually I would change threads however many hundreds of times - but I'm trying to be braver ....

I love the main motif in this quilt. It is a idea I had seen on one of Judi Madson's quilts - I was eager to try it on this quilt.


Every color block is in a different design.

This yellow block was my favorite design. An idea from Angela Walter's new Shape by Shape book. 

Tiny Diamonds, shells ... 

... more ideas from Angela ...

... swirls, spirals & flowers ... 

... you can just keep looking at this quilt - there is a new pattern and detail everywhere you look. I do wonder if I should reign in my love of creating different textures and perhaps using less quilting motifs at once - but ........ I think this pattern is so bold and colorful and Earamichia so warm and bubbly - I felt this top and owner could handle it!