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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Drumroll Please (for lots of reasons ....)

From my human random number selector (my husband) Anna's wonderful book will be flying its way through snail mail to comment #12 very soon - that would be the lovely girls at A Spoonful of Sugar.

I also have to give a very big shout out to Sue at The Portuguese Water Blog - she wrote the nicest things about my knitting - hugely touched. If you haven't visited Sue before - you should - not only are her pooches overly cute - but her posts are adorable and witty.

So here is the news from the Rachael Rabbit Workshop (although there is very much a lack of any sort of work going on at the moment.)

We moved!! We finally moved!! We have a house!! I'm so thrilled. I know that NYC is an amazing city filled to the brim with amazing places, people and things - but I'm just not a city girl - I'm a 'small patch of grass under my feet' kind of girl. So after a 2 1/2 years of searching we finally found a house we both love and we are now in the process of decorating. Here is a picture of what will be my workroom ...... it looks hopeful (or hopeless) no? Currently filled with furniture that is trying to escape the decorating dust - I wonder if it will ever be organized ... let alone used.

And the lack of crafting? I do have a valid excuse - in addition to the move - I'm pregnant again! It only seems like yesterday when I posted news of little baby bunnies arrival. I'm thrilled we will be having another little baby bunny. But that first 13 weeks of pregnancy just WIPED me out. I just couldn't function at all. I don't remember being that tired and grumpy with our first. Maybe it is because I am now chasing around a toddler all day (a toddler who seems to have a never ending battery pack) ... or maybe it was the combination of the move and energetic toddler ... or maybe it was just because every pregnancy is different. Anyway - I was truly pooped - everyday napping when bunny napped and then collapsing in a snoring heap once she was in bed. I feel much better now and I'm even feeling the urge to find a project I can get my teeth into. Perhaps something again with patchwork hexagons? ... knitting in this heat has not been appealing.

Baby Bunny has grown up so very much in the past month - the way she plays has totally changed, the books she likes has totally changed. She is such a little person ...... and I'm a very very proud mother. I recently brought her this book (I'm a Big Sister by Joanna Cole) - she loves it - we read it at least 3 times a day. It has a picture in the book that I feel I have to share with you ... ... I fear this is an all too realistic image. Mummy is still in her PJ's doing heaps of baby laundry, Daddy is nowhere in sight and baby is being 'babysat' by the toddler who we just pray is really going to be 'gentle with the baby'.

Our new baby bunny is due early in 2011.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MIA - Can you forgive me?

I've been totally missing in action in the crafting world for the past couple of months. So many things are happening here at home - exciting things that I shall tell you about shortly. But first - to make it up to you. Here is a splendiferous giveaway.

I met Anna Hrachovec at the Martha Stewart Knitting Show it was clear that Anna was a very talented lady who was going to go to high places with her knitting. Well Anna has published a book and she has offered me one free copy to give away on my blog. How kind is that? The book is more than utterly adorable, the pages filled with witty and cute designs. I shall have trouble parting with it.

All you have to do is visit Anna's website Mochimochi Land and leave a comment here telling me which of her wonderful creations is your favorite design. I'll draw a number at random on the 14th August and post this lovely book to the lucky winner.

Hopefully by then I will have taken a breath, sat down and knitted something to share with you all.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring has Sprung

(Note: This post was supposed to be more elaborate but dragging a large knitted dinosaur around Central Park for a photo shoot with stroller, small child and small dog turned out to be more challenging than I had given the task credit for.)

It is spring, the birds are tweeting the sun is shining and love is in the air. Mr. Dinosaurus is looking for lurrve. To hunt down his ideal mate he has put on his best red bow tie ...... he has picked the finest brightest flower he could find (in order to charm an unsuspecting and demure lady dino) ...
... Mr. Dinosaurus is feeling very handsome indeed today ...... time to hail a cab and go to Central Park - some attractive young dino ladies might be out for an afternoon stroll ...
... perhaps some lady dinos will walk past while Mr. Dinosaurus relaxes by the boat pond. He is trying to seem like he is just enjoying the view - but really - he just wants to find a nice lady dino to chat to ...... can you spot Mr. Dinosaurus hanging out on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Maybe some lovely lady will stop to chat about some dino art?Poor Mr. Dinosaurus didn't find love on this sunny spring day. But soon he will meet his new loving family ... and perhaps his dino lady love too?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cable Cardigan (with a hood no less)

My very lovely friend gave me this knitting book for my birthday.
Her mother-in-law has knitted so many gorgeous cardigan's for her little girl (which I'm always rather envious of) so I was very excited to get 'the' knitting book shipped all the way from my homeland (England.) For anyone that knows the short history of my knitting skills - clothing has not been something I have explored very much. I made a little rose cardigan for baby bunny before she was born and I recently gave up on a potentially gorgeous cable cardigan (for the more grown up size of person.) So this would be only the second piece of clothing I have ever managed to complete.

I asked baby bunny to model for me. The modeling shoot went something like this ....
... rather a lot of blurry photos because (drum roll please) ... on Saturday baby bunny decided she could walk. She has been walking from piece of furniture to furniture for a while now - but now she has really taken off. ALL she wants to do is walk - until she is so tired she sits down with a whimper. It is a whole different ball game with her on her feet. This morning I have already found one plastic cup, a toothbrush and a bar of soap in the toilet. She is so quick ... I didn't even know she had been in the bathroom!

The cardigan was very easy to knit - but like any good amateur knitter I decided I knew best and amended the pattern slightly. I joined the seams of the hood as I knitted instead of sewing them together later ... ... and I knitted the ribbed trim all in one piece - rather than in three ... ... of course I feel like my amendments were a success! Baby bunny certainly looked mighty cute modeling the cardigan. I think I'm going to have to start knitting her some jumpers for this winter.
And my favorite bit? the homemade label! I really hope baby Nicholas enjoys his new cardigan.