Monday, November 3, 2014

Ode to Foot Quilt

This is another top made by Earamichia. The top was made as she was recouping from breaking her foot after running a half marathon! Respect enough for the running - but also for a lovely top.

The top is quilted in So Fine #50 in #504 Silver Screen the bobbin was Bottom Line in Silver. (Batting is my favorite Hobbs Heirloom Wool batting.) Quilting the whole top in grey was a big move for me - usually I would change threads however many hundreds of times - but I'm trying to be braver ....

I love the main motif in this quilt. It is a idea I had seen on one of Judi Madson's quilts - I was eager to try it on this quilt.


Every color block is in a different design.

This yellow block was my favorite design. An idea from Angela Walter's new Shape by Shape book. 

Tiny Diamonds, shells ... 

... more ideas from Angela ...

... swirls, spirals & flowers ... 

... you can just keep looking at this quilt - there is a new pattern and detail everywhere you look. I do wonder if I should reign in my love of creating different textures and perhaps using less quilting motifs at once - but ........ I think this pattern is so bold and colorful and Earamichia so warm and bubbly - I felt this top and owner could handle it!


  1. I love all the quilting you have put into this piece - so fun!

  2. I love it! No need to reign in I would say. You've honored the design of the quilt with what you've done. I love the purple tear drop section, so beautiful. Just gorgeous.


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