Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Bunny Picnic

The sun came out this weekend and we invited some friends to a special garden picnic. Here come the bunnies hopping down the hill ...
... bunnies love garden picnics ...
... the boys talked about growing lettuces in the vegetable patch ...
... and the girls talked about carrot cake recipes ...
... soon all the food was eaten - but who will get the last cupcake?
We played hide and seek too ... 1 bunny tail, 2 bunny tails ...... 40 bunny tails - ready or not here I come!
It was a wonderful picnic in the sun, on the lawn under the big tree. I suspect that there was a little chemistry between these two ... who knows what the future might hold ... perhaps a bunny wedding?


  1. I knew he would be a hit in those trousers. They are clearly going to be together, even their outfits co-ordinate and everyone knows that a bunny in red checked trousers is universally in need of a bunny wife.

  2. Hi,
    thanks for leaving me a comment. Your bunny is story is lovely and the outfits your bunnies are wearing are superb, I'm having bunny envy.

  3. This is so cute, you did such a lovely job with your bunny picnic.
    They are dressed beautifully and very well posed for their photo's.

  4. What a lovely blog you have and you are such a creative person, so unlike me:-)

    hugs from Singapore

  5. These bunnies are so cute! And very well-mannered!

  6. Oh my goodness this is too sweet! What gorgeous photos - beautiful bunnies and such a whimsical tail, oops, I mean tale! Lovely clothes and I especially like the look of that picnic blanket! The bunnies have such great expressions - the way they are leaning over the last cupcake - I laughed out loud!

  7. what adorable bunnies. and their outfits are so sweet.

  8. A bunny wedding would be so good! Love the bunnies, keep them coming

  9. To think I'm getting the sweet little bunny in the pink dress. She is the sweetest one of all! Wish the whole family could come (:

  10. This is fabulous Rachael! More bunny days out soon please. x

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog- it's lovely to meet new people. Awww your bunnies are so cute, after the wedding there will be baby rabbits too?
    Lisa x

  12. Hahahahaaaaaa!!! Looooooove them!!! Oh they have made my evening!!!

  13. Hello from Norway!

    Your bunnies are sooo adorable..abselutely the cuteste ever! - I love them!

    Lovely bunnies - lovely blog!

    I`ll come visit you again!

    Smile from KKann


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