Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bunny and the Lost Trousers

Bunny is hiding in the cupboard because he is embarrassed.

Me: "Why are you hiding Bunny?"
Bunny: "I'm embarrassed because I'm not wearing any clothes. I have lost my trousers."
Me: "Well don't worry Bunny - we can just make you some more."

Bunny (sadly): "I don't think these fit me - they are rather short."
Me: "OK I'll make another pair."

Bunny (horrified): "These are far far too tight."
Me: "I'm sorry Bunny I don't know why I'm struggling to make trousers today. I'll try one more time. Third time lucky!"

Bunny: "Oh thank you - these fit just right. I'm very pleased with them - I'm going to wear them to the bunny picnic this weekend."

Are you going to the bunny picnic this weekend?


  1. I think that they are a very striking pair of strides....long or short! - Jen

  2. Like Goldilocks...the third one's always "just right!"
    Dapper gingham pants!

  3. Your bunny is so cute, I like how he is peeking, really love his red checkered pants.

  4. I'd go anywhere with your bunny in those trousers! What a fine bunny he is. x

  5. He looks fine and dandy now. He'll be most sought after at the picnic.

  6. I love the photo of him hiding in the cupboard!

    The mice in your previous post remind me of the mice in a childrens programme that was on many years ago, called 'Bagpuss'. Did you get it over there? All the animals were soft toys and stop frame animation was used.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  7. What a well-dressed bunny! And you can't go wrong with gingham!
    I'm hoping to spend the whole weekend in the garden - I'm desperately behind with it...

  8. Oh he looks great in gingham!


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