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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Quilt from Kids Clothes

My daughter finishes kindergarten this summer. Next year she starts 1st grade. Proper school! How can she be so grown up??

We collected one piece of clothing from each child from the class. After deconstructing the clothes and ironing anything that needed to be onto stablizer. I then slashed & sewed and slashed and sewed (3 times I think) before cutting the 'splats' into squares. The t-shirts were making me smile before I began sewing the squares together - some of them were really fun.

I chose a combination of spirals, pebbles and square greek keys for the top. This simple combination kept me deliriously happy through out the quilting process. 

I made two pillows with the left over squares for the assistant teachers in the class. I don't think they are as successful as the quilt but they are bright, jolly & heartfelt none the less!

This is one quilt I would really rather keep than give away!

The quilt was bound with one blue t-shirt from the clothes supplied to me and I made the cutest little label too (from their class silly photo - because I like a bit of silly!) That's my beautiful beautiful little girl in pink in the front!

Parents and teacher seemed happy with the finished product!

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and sunny summer holidays with your family.


  1. What a fantastic idea and a fabulous end result. Absolutely love the quilting you did on the white areas.

  2. What a fun idea--the quilting is wonderful!

  3. Awesome idea!! Very thoughtful, she must have been a special teacher.


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