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Monday, June 8, 2015

Memorial Quilt: Double Wedding Ring

The double wedding ring quilt pattern dates back to the fourth century. I have read that it has Germanic routes and came to the US sometime in the 17th century.

A very good friend of mine lost her father in law suddenly and while her husband was in Germany for the funeral he collected some clothes for a memorial quilt.

This quilt is made from mens outdoor coats, jackets and trousers.

The quilt fits perfectly on a queen sized bed. I reduced the Simpli-EZ Double Wedding Ring pattern to 6 rings x 6 rings and added a border.

I don't know if the photographs really do this quilt justice. The quilting is very traditional feathers in each center and melon. Feather swags frame the scalloped border. Overall I think it is a very traditional classic quilt. All my quilting is done freehand without stencils.  

There was a light blue cotton shirt given too but not matter how much I tried (and I tried!) I was unable to get the bright light blue to blend/work with the other fabrics so I put some of the shirt fabric on the back of the quilt.


Talking of backs ...

... I have a small obsession with the back of this quilt. 


  1. Beautiful, Rachael! A fantastic memory quilt! I love the back just as much as the front.

  2. So totally awesome! Everything you do is breath taking.

  3. What a wonderful treasure! The quilting is amazing!

  4. Your memory quilts are remarkable! I love every part of it; the concept, this pattern, the quilting, the quilt back, and the obsession of the aforementioned quilt back! What a great way to cherish memories of a loved one.


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