Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Never Too Young to Sew

My kids are a little obsessed with learning to sew. I know this is because it is all they see me doing (actually I do every other household activity too - but I sew an awful lot.) I'm sure if I was doing kickboxing they might want to do that too (nah ... they would still just want to make things!) My eldest is 5 now and I have begun to let her use a little sewing machine that my husbands grandmother gave us. She is so cute on it.

We recently made some watercolor dyed wooden blocks for my nephews first birthday. This was a SUPER fun project to do - I took it one step further away from fun though and started to give the kids a detailed lesson in color theory and making new colors ... sorry kids ... Mummy couldn't help herself. (The link is from Fun at Home with Kids which is one of my go to places to find fun to do with the little people - we did it a little differently and used ziploc bags which kept the mess to a minimum and we only needed a very little liquid watercolor.)

The blocks were beautiful - we became entranced and as they dried they became brighter.  How could we package them?

A little someone decided to make a gift bag.

Look at her straight lines!!! 

My nephew is called John so we decided to put a big 'J' on the front of the bag. I was absolutely floored that #1 bunny could draw a bubble letter backwards. I thought this would be an impossible task - apparently I underestimate my kids!

She even appliqued the J on with a zigzag stitch. 

She knew I was just glowing behind the camera. (Spot my addiction of diet coke in the photo!)

The concentration while sewing the side seams was monumental.

Finished bag with beautiful blocks enclosed - one very proud mama bunny and we hope one very happy nephew too!


  1. Please tell that "little someone" that I think her bag is FABULOUS!!!


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