Monday, March 2, 2015

February Lesson: Thread & Giveaway Results

Just to recap that the February lesson on Thread is posted here.

Congratulations to Lynn from Nebraska Views - I hope she has lots of fun with those variegated threads. Lynn's name was picked out by the ever trusty online random number selector.


I just wanted to briefly list all the different threads that people talked about. If there are some brands here you have not heard of - try them - they might surprise you. I list in order of popularity:

Don't forget that Aurifil have threads in lots of different weights of cotton that you can experiment with. I suspect people don't know that they also have a poly made for longarm machines as well as a 100% nylon thread. You can read more about their products here.

Coats & Clarks
Coats & Clarks has been around for 200 years. They are doing something right by still being a very popular brand that people enjoy using and their brand is easily available in many high-street stores. You can read about their threads here

Superior Threads
A favorite by many quilters Superior threads is too highly priced for some. They have a huge range of different thread types all available in different colors. You can read more about their threads at . They also have a lot of education material available here.

Gutermann have an all purpose sewing thread as well as cotton, silk and specialty threads. You can see their full range at

Connecting Threads
This is a brand I have never heard of before so I will have to check them out. Read more about them at  they have cotton, variegated and poly cones for longarmers.

Typically I have always associated Sulky with the seriously beautiful and enticing glossy threads I have seen in my local store. They have recently come out with a new cotton range too. Read about their thread lines at . They are available at high-street stores such as JoAnns & Hancocks and also on various online stores too. If you have a longarm machine they have some particular tips for you if you want to use their threads here.

I believe Maderia is an embroidery thread company - but who says you can't use their thread for quilting too! Read about their threads here.

Glide by Fil-Tec
I'm always surprised that Glide threads are not more widely known. Glide is just one of the threads produced by Fil-Tec. Users are total believers in the brand. Fil-Tec also have a huge range of different threads available. Their metallic range is exceptionally strong and beautiful. They produce embroidery and quilting threads. If you have not tried Glide yet - I would certainly give them a try - you can read more about them at

Mettler carry a wide range of different threads in different colors. Read more about them here - you might be able to find the brand in smaller local quilt shops but they can also be found easily online too. Mettler is manufactured by Amann who also make Yenmet which is one of my favorite metallic threads to use while quilting.

YLI carry thread for hand, machine or longarm quilting. They have a list of stores they are available in online here or you can purchase directly from them. Read about all they have to offer at

People also commented on the struggles that they have had with metallic threads. I would like to just mention again that I have had the most success with Glisten by Fil-Tec and Yenmet.

There was also a lot of comments about sticking with neutral and cream colors for quilting. I am not good at pushing myself beyond the boundaries of comfort - but we are quilters - aren't we supposed to embrace color? The next spool you buy I challenge you to be brave and get a bolder color than just cream!

If you don't have a large range of threads available to you at your local stores but don't like buying thread online? (I totally understand colors online are rarely if ever the same as they are in real life.) Invest a few dollars in a thread chart and you will be able to match thread perfectly and never buy those unneeded spools of thread again.

Happy FMQ everyone!

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