Monday, July 1, 2013

Kid Painted Fabric

My eldest bunny told me that our recycled teepee was 'too boring'. It was 'too white'. So I suggested we should make another one and that she should paint the fabric with her sister.

I prepared 7 colors for painting our fabric. I used BioColor paint and added their fabric medium. I like BioColor because it is kid friendly and the colors are very vibrant. As I have mentioned before the only things that are kind of a drag about this product is that it stains clothes and you are supposed to leave the paint and fabric medium to dry for five days (patience is not a 4 year olds strong point!) I am also making a Kids Painted Quilt from the same fabric & paint.

I mixed the paints in old jam jars. I took outside a plastic bag to collect any messy painted trash, paper towels (for emergency mopping), disposable plates and I also prepared a bucket of soapy water.

Outside I lay some utility tables on the ground (covered in large black plastic bags) to create a hard flat surface and lay my fabric over the top. I used 2 1/3 yards (approx 10ft) of plain white 90" muslin - this is a nice weight of muslin - very white, close weave and not too sheer.)

I poured the paint into the disposable plates ...

... I put disposable diapers on both girls (they are both potty trained) so their big girl pants would not get ruined & stained and the neighbors would not be offended by total nakedness - as well as thinking I was a little bit cuckoo ... 

... let the decorating begin ...

... the girls only used their hands and feet ...

 ... there was a point where the cloth (in my opinion) looked so pretty - but the girls didn't want to stop so I felt like I had to let them continue until all the paint was used up ...

... they enjoyed flicking the plates, carrying them around, pouring paint straight from the jam jars.

Here is our finished piece of fabric. I left it outside for a couple of hours to dry a little and then I took it down to our basement where it will sit for 5 days while my four year old will ask every minute 'is it ready yet?'

Stay tuned for what will be a unique looking teepee!

Our other kid painted fabric projects this summer have included:
Kid painted Quilt #3 - Spraying Paint
Kid painted Quilt #4 - Shaving Foam Paint


Please do not forget about the charity I Spy quilt - we are still looking for scrap fabric donations. 


  1. That looks like sooooo much fun! Your bunnies are adorable. So creative!

  2. Can't wait to see it. I thought they'd talk you into something more colorful.

  3. I love this idea, but even more fortuitous, (since I do not follow your blog normally, I found it on you have basically the exact pattern idea I have been looking for for a cabled blanket!! Hooray!!

  4. This looks like a blast! I am totally doing this with my little one. Wonderful!


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