Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've Been Knitting Away

I have been working away on two large and secret projects.

This is one of the projects that was knitted in secret. I finally finished it and was able to post it to the UK last week. It is a wedding present for my sister who got married at the end of June this year.
The blanket is huge (her husband is quite tall) - the blanket measures 6.5ft x 7ft.
It is a much larger version of a baby blanket I made back in November '09. The border is another continuous cable border with 3 simple rope cables in it.
In the bottom right hand corner of the blanket there is a cable heart (adapted from a book I love - Continuous Cables) and in the heart (after much experimentation and pondering) I added some cream felted wool in their initials combined over a heart.
I used Cascade Ecological Wool in Natural. I love this wool - it is soft, easy to knit with and the hanks are just enormous. Now I just need to write the pattern down! I'm so glad I finished the blanket before the new baby arrives - the other project will have to be completed in a haze of new born madness ...


  1. wow, absolutely stunning! A real labour of love, I'm sire they will treasure it.

  2. That is gorgeous, but all that stockinette stitch! I'd go crazy. I need patterns or color changes to keep me interested.

    The couple will love it. That's the very best kind of gift, a special home made item.

  3. Wow Rachael - it's beautiful! I LOVE that cable border!!!

  4. Beautiful blanket! I love the cable border. That represents a lot of work. A labour of love for your sister.

  5. Oh wow. I can't believe you found the motivation and time to knit such a huge project. What a lovely thing to make.

  6. wow amazing work. Just a sneak peak at the corner showed that it will be a great piece!


  7. Ma come si fa a fare un lavoro così? Con dei ferri normali? Puoi spiegarci meglio? Non è che potresti fare un tutorial? Grazie

  8. Wow it is just beautiful you must have the patience of a saint to do all that stockinette stitch! I love your cable boarders that you did and the added heart is just love.

  9. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your work with us!


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