Friday, September 30, 2011


Meet Dolly - she is quite an important little character in our lives.Before I had children I had lots of - some might say 'daft' and 'bold' ideas about how I would raise my children - such as we would never have a DVD player in the car (utter godsend and sanity saver on long trips with grumpy and mildly unreasonable toddler) ... and I would think things like - play would only be with wholesome wooden or fabric toys - no plastic dolls would be allowed. Needless to say since having the girls I fully appreciate you should never say 'never' before actually experiencing the challenges of child rearing first hand!

When Charlotte started nursery school my heart melted to see her play so tenderly with dolls - coupled with trying to find a way to get her to tolerate bathtime - we got Dolly. Dolly came with a pink plastic fantastic bath set and since Dolly's arrival bathtimes have been fun. Dolly has helped Charlotte with bathtime, with the birth of Catherine (everything Catherine needed Dolly needed it too), doctor visits, meal times etc. Dolly comes for walks with us, to the store, on vacation ... you name it Dolly has been a part of it.

Up in my disorganized craft room (I'm still looking for insight if you have any more input to add) I have a very large bin full of scraps of material (I crazily keep almost every scrap thinking there might be a use for it one day.)I decided to make Dolly a little scrappy quilt and matching pillow.Any straight thinking person might have decided on the doll's bed before spending those valuable nap times slaving away over a tiny quilt ... I thought a shoe box or something would do - however on a craft room inspiration/reconnaissance mission to Ikea I stumbled upon this doll's bed. With a lick of white paint - I feel like this was money well spent. I recovered the supplied mattress pad with a bright pink cotton print and added a couple extra layers of batting - after all - Dolly needs to be as comfortable as possible! After all my efforts I really felt Dolly's new quilt was just a bit too small for the bed.A little devastated and guilt ridden for our loyal friend - I set about making some (3) more little quilts (please note #2 quilt will not be shown for pride reasons!) ...
... #3 quilt was out right rejected - although the pink pillow was well received ...
... and I was barely allowed to put #4 quilt on the bed. (I really rather like this little number - perhaps Teddy will be allowed to use it - instead of tying the quilt layers together by hand I used Bernie - it was so quick and neat I shall be using the technique again.)So in the end Charlotte loved the first quilt I made - what was I so worried about? My sweet little girl is currently taking a nap in her bed - and beside her is her beloved Dolly in her bed with her new quilt.


  1. When my niece was little she lined up all her dolls and stuffed animals on the couch and complained that they didn't have blankets to keep them warm. Being Number 1 Aunt, I knit a whole box full of doll blankets and mailed them off. She was very happy to be able to cover all her babies.

    Your quilts are very pretty. I especially like the plaid one.

  2. What a lovely post! Before we have children we have wonderful philosophies about how they should be raised. But in reality things are different. I am glad you are going with the requests of your girls. I love the first doll quilt! And pillow! No wonder bunny #1 wants that one to keep her dolly warm. And that bed is just too cute!

  3. My daughter was going to be one of those girls that didn't wear much pink, and Barney and Teletubies were to be banned in our house. The FIRST thing my mother got her was a pink dress and a Barney book. I wanted to be all indignant but I think mom had honestly forgotten my plan and given that she'd not been in my life much I didn't want to push her away.

  4. Dolly looks perfectly at home, snuggerling under the beautiful quilt! My daughter had a dolly, she went every where with us too, now resting at the bottom of the toy box.


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