Monday, February 23, 2009

Totally Unravelled

I have signed up for Ravelry (I know I'm behind the times) ... but it seems to be a bit dangerous. On my first little Ravelry outing ... before I knew it ... half a day had passed by ... and that is dangerous!

I have added a couple of my knitting projects to my profile and I hope to make my Hugs, Kisses and Cables pattern available soon. It seems to be a wonderful forum to find out tricks and hints from other knitters - over come those parts of a pattern that you might be struggling with ... alternative ways to use patterns ... I fear there will be many many more hours (erm days) spent perusing the information available ...

I'm really struggling with the Sylvi pattern from the Twist Collective. My gauge was perfect with size 10 needles ... but then when I began knitting the pattern the sizing was totally off and the size small was turning out to be smaller than an extra small. After 60 rows or so I decided to unravel my knitting and start again with a bigger needle size (US 10.5) and try the size medium pattern. But it is still knitting up too small. It is really hard to know whether to keep going and see what happens or start over yet again ...
... and if I start over again - how do I start? Bigger needles? Bigger size?Maybe using my own choice of yarn was a mistake ...
Maybe I knit super tight (I think I do) ...Maybe I should just stay clear of trying to make clothes (maybe I'm wimping out too soon) ...
Or maybe it is the reason why hand knitted things are so special and unique - they all turn out a little different?
Do you just learn how your knitting style will change a pattern? Or will I have these endless debates with myself for ever more ...


  1. Welcome to the lost days of Ravelry! But remember, never log into the site when you have to do something, or be somewhere that day.

    I've lost countless hours "just looking up that pattern I saw..." and wondering "what can I do with those spare balls of wool...?"

    It's a wonderful site, but a big danger to lunch breaks across the world!

  2. Welcome to is a total time suck and it only gets worse!

    I love the Sylvie pattern and have it in my queue. I'm not a good one for gauge advice, but I've heard that for heavily cabled patterns you should try swatching a bit of the pattern to see how things will shrink or grow within the recommended gauge. I also like to look at finished projects to see what size people chose. Then I compare the size they knit to other items they've knit to see if it runs small or large.

  3. When I knitted my Sylvi I thought it might be a bit short. But since it's a big thing it really streches when I wear it.

    If you decide to start over with a bigger needle, try knitting a sleeve first.

    Good luck.

    Hugs from Sol

  4. That is a beautiful pattern. I've decided I must have it. Like I need another project!

    I don't have any advice on the size. I never swatch, I just go for it and sometimes rip it all out. I'm guessing there will be some stretch in it. It doesn't look like your stitches are too tight.

  5. I can't knit to save myself... BUT... I'm loving the pattern in your knitting!! So I have no helpful advice... only wanted to say that I think it looks beautiful!!!

  6. I love knitting, but only get wool from 2 places as I'm not the most confident. Having said that I am knitting with some big wool and was advised that going down from a 15 to a 12 needle and to knit 1 size up to get a better finish to the jumper. May be going up a few needle sizes and try a tension square? I just love ravelry but have to ration how often I click on as time just drifts away. Good luck.

  7. Ravelry is a total time suck but welcome!

  8. I'm a bit rusty when it comes to knitting, but does the pattern suggest knitting a square to check your tension? Maybe then you could get an idea of what size needle to use. I would think a bigger needle would make it bigger, but the pattern might not be as 'tight'. I've probably not be much use, but I tried! ;)

    Hugs, Sarah x

  9. I recently registered at Ravelry too. I think it's the greatest database in the WORLD! All that lovely info at your fingertips...yarns, patterns, people...COOL.

  10. I just added you to my friend on Ravelry! :D
    The cable knitting looks absolutely fantastic. I know exactly how you feel about the gauge and yarn sizes. I am forever wondering how to get the shape right when I follow the pattern (especially the cable). I tend to put the garment against my own sweater that fits me.
    Beautiful knitting!

  11. Wow, look at those cables. I don't even know how to purl yet. Oh, it looks lovely, but I'm sorry it is the wrong size. Hope you can figure it out soon. I'd love to see the finished item!

  12. Hello! I found this coat through Ravelry, and am very afraid to try it out. I also knit very tight (I'll usually use one or two sizes bigger than the recommended needle) and would love to know how you are doing. Have you kept up with it? Did you try different gauges? Or did you just make a bigger size? Either way, your pictures look very nice ^_^


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