Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Short (and Fluffy) Tale of Courage

What is that furry ball of fluff in the tree? It seems to be shaking with fear ....
Me: What is the matter furry one?

Fluff Ball: I am scared of the world and unsure of myself.

Me: Well the world can be a scary place sometimes but you shouldn't let that hold you back. You should be out playing in the garden rather than hiding up a tree. Why are you unsure of yourself?

Fluff Ball: I am not sure if I am a strange rabbit as I have large feet - or a teddy bear because I am so soft and cuddly - or a lion because of my soft chocolate mane.
Me: Well I don't think you are a rabbit because you don't have a big fluffy tail or big ears. And I don't think you are a teddy bear because you have a soft chocolate mane. So you must be a very fluffy and cuddly lion.

Fluffy Lion: I don't feel like a lion at all - I still feel rather scared.

At which point I ran to the sewing machine to make a present for this rather nervous lion and I told him about a young girl called Dorothy who also met a rather scared and cuddly lion and she took him to a special place where he found courage. The lion knew that he had found courage because he was given a shiny medal!

Me: Would you like this medal of courage? Perhaps it will make you feel braver? and then you can enjoy the garden rather than hiding in a tree.
Fluffy Lion: Thank you - that is so kind. Oh look at the medal - how it sits on my soft furry chest. I feel very special and very brave.
So the brave (and very furry) lion lounged in the garden (rather than hiding in a tree) letting out the odd soft and happy growl.
I vow never to use 'fun fur' again ;-) (Although he is far cuter than the pictures convey ... so never say never!)


  1. Just so sweet Rachael! I had a good smile at him..

  2. The Lion is adorable - love his badge of courage!

  3. whooooo, hes FAB love him !!

  4. He is adorable and I love his medal. I am glad he came out from hiding. He's so cute he may be worth tackling fun fur again!

  5. He looks so soft and cuddly and just waiting for a cuddle from a little one, he is just lovely!

  6. He is just so cute and I love his courage badge. Thank you for the encouragement
    Lisa x

  7. I am so pleased the lion was courageous enough to come and say hello. x

  8. Fluff ball is so cute and well worth all the time and effort you clearly put into making him.

  9. This is one king of the jungle who I could happily snuggle with. He is fantastic. The medal is such a great idea and so well done! Jen

  10. oh i think your fluff ball is gorgeous and the story was sooo cute, he was worth not giving up on :)


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